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Strategic Growth

All of our experience with Fortune 10 companies, large non-profits and industry innovators is at your service to create strategies and tactical plans based on strong, diversified and durable growth.

Technology & Innovation

Our team of technologists’ comprehensive experience includes software ideation, all types of software implementation (systems, websites, mobile apps…),  as well as legacy system integration and upgrading.

Global Economics & Policy Research

We provide you with current trends and competitive information as well as the accurate forecasts you need to ensure the success of your organization’s domestic and international strategic plan.

Non-Profit & Community Service

Our NPO team has specialized in impactful, reduced cost, powerful, community-centric strategies and technology products

Let’s Work Together

MMC Strategy Partners is a diversified management and consulting group. Our practices include:

  • Strategic Business Growth
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Global Economics & Policy Research
  • Non-Profit & Community Service

They serve our three client groups:

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: Over the past five years we have been offering our services to the small business community. We have wanted to put our Fortune 100 experience at the service of the companies that are at the heart of our economy.

Our goal is to provide SMBs with the insight and tools they need to compete with larger or more established organizations and grow.

We work with businesses of all kinds, any size, at different stages of their development, whether based on established product lines or based on emerging technologies and new products or services.

Fortune 100 companies: About half of our organization is composed of former Fortune 10 company top management employees. This has put us in a unique position to understand and work in these environments that include multiple and complex lines of business. These companies require teams that not only have extraordinary business and technology skills, but also possess in-depth understanding of enterprise-sized organizations as well as that of the geopolitical and economic environment in which they do business.

NPOs: A significant portion of our staff has had executive management experience with large non-profits. Others have also served smaller, community-based organizations.

We work exclusively with small to medium-sized non-profits, helping them build strategies that allow them to fulfill their mission without needing to increase expenditures. We support these strategies with custom tools that optimize their operations allowing them to produce results and grow their constituency as effectively as organizations many times larger.

International Business: We help international investors and corporations grow their businesses in the United States. From market studies and analysis to business site assessments and set up, we accompany you step-by-step in your international expansion.

Quality, security and confidentiality are extremely important to us. We do not off-shore or outsource any of our work.


Get In Touch

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you grow, let’s discuss. Contact us today and we can get started!

About Us

Since 2015, MMC Strategy Partners manages our entire service portfolio.

We have over 15 years of industry experience and have worked with all types of organizations: non-profits, small and medium-sized businesses, Fortune 100 and Fortune 10 companies.

We believe that what truly sets us apart from other groups is how passionate we are about our clients and their success. We do not grow if you do not grow. Your success is our only benchmark.

  • Clients

    We deliver the highest level of expertise in consulting, strategy, technology and operations.

    All of our clients are treated with absolute confidentiality and we do not share client information with any other organizations or the public.

  • Think tank strategic sessions

    Think tank strategic sessions allow our clients to quickly envision their future taking into account domestic and international trends.

  • Speed

    Whether we are working on strategy or tactical solutions, timing can be crucial. With MMC Strategy Partners, deliverables are promptly delivered, complete and always on time.


Technology & Innovation Solutions

Our Technology and Innovation practice also offers a variety of services to small and medium-sized businesses. They are available independently from our consulting packages. Please visit WebTechsNow! to learn more.