WebTechsNow!All organizations use technology to communicate, but just like any other tool, websites, enewsletter platforms and payment/donation/fundraising portals need maintenance, updates, new content and enhancements.

Get immediate help for your urgent web needs. With WebTechsNow!TM you have your own IT team, always ‘on call’, ready to help you with updates, fixes and enhancements to your web properties and social media platforms.

WebTechsNow!TM will assess the situation and quickly provide a quote to fix the problem. We provide you with a completion date which is typically within 24 to 48 hours from the time you have approved the quote.

Use WebTechsNow!TM when:

  • You need to make content or interactive media updates to your website or mobile applications.
  • You want to add images, new sections or simply new pages to your current website, blog, intranet, mobile applications.
  • You maintain your own website, but need extra help with a technical problem.
  • Your internal technical  team or outside consultants are not available to quickly address an urgent issue.
  • You need to quickly implement or update a platform while ensuring that all integration points are correctly configured
  • You needed to get an issue fixed ‘yesterday’ and your business is being adversely impacted.

Some examples of WebTechsNow!TM support services:

  • Ecommerce platform additions, enhancements and repair
  • Web application enhancements and repair
  • Security audits
  • Mobile application updates, new functionality implementation, enhancements, security & compliance
  • Web property and mobile application content changes or additions
  • New platform implementation and integration with current or legacy systems
  • Network and desktop audits, software updates and compatibility checks

How WebTechsNow!TM works:

  1. Visit WebTechsNow.com to submit a ticket, or call us (214) 506-8438.
  2. We will provide you with your personalized access to our WebTechsNow!TM portal where you can follow your project step by step and submit any materials needed for the completion of your project (images, documents, videos…) as well as any special instructions for our team.
  3. We will present you with a summary of what we will do for you, what it will cost and a completion date. No surprises.
  4. If you wish to proceed, we will ask for payment (via Paypal/Credit Card) as well as access to your website or application. Once we have received both of these, we will get started immediately.
  5. We strive to complete all WebTechsNow!TM projects within 24-48 hours of receiving access and payment. For more complex technical issues, the turnaround time may be longer, but our WebTechsNow!TM team will be dedicated to your project until it is completed. We will keep you updated, so you always know the status and work will always be completed by the quoted completion date.
  6. At the conclusion of the project, we will provide you with a summary of what work was done as well as any other information you may need about the issue’s resolution.


Please note: WebTechsNow!TM support, as well as all work done by the MMC Strategy Partners team, is completed right here, in the United States.

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